Today I’m happy to invite you to follow along as we build a crazy cool app called Hapyn™. Explaining what Hapyn does is fun, because it sounds like fiction. Until you understand it, you think someone is making a joke by telling you that Hapyn can solve all of your business and personal organizational problems. Of course it can also help stop global warming and make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

The thing is, as our client envisions it, it can.

Hapyn is a platform for creating, managing and archiving events, or hapynings. It can help you run a charity event, family vacation, small business or create a new green space. Best of all, once you’re done you can share your event with others. Want to know more about the trip I took to Europe? Here you go. Have a complete understanding of everything I did, how I did it and what it cost.

Now for the fun. Every few weeks we’re going to blog about how it’s going. We’ll talk about the ups and the downs. Things we’ve learned. Mistakes we’ve made. And my promise to you is we’ll be completely honest.

So far we’ve made a couple of fun decisions that I think will raise some eyebrows.

The Hapyn Kickoff Meeting!

The nGen team listens intently as they get the overview on Hapyn.

First, we’ll be working on the marketing and the product at the same time. This will be an interesting experiment as the two teams will be in frequent contact sharing ideas and brainstorming on ways to make the product and promotion tightly integrated.

Second, we’ll be using Hapyn to build Hapyn. No, we haven’t solved the mystery of time travel. But we have realized that we can add enough functionality to the prototype that it can function as our project management app. How cool is that? Using a product to build the product. Sci-fi stuff going on in here!

We’ve also been throwing around the phrase “minimum usable product” instead of “minimum viable product.” More on that soon…

Tell us what you’d like us to share as we build this new application!