More than two million apps exist in the world today, and an estimated 1,400+ more go up every twenty-four hours. So how do you stand out in such a cluttered, competitive space? Read on, gentle reader, we’ll show you the way.

The Numbers

Number of Apps (July 2013)
Apple iOS App Store: 900,000+
Google Play (Android): 700,000+
BlackBerry World: 250,000+
Windows Phone Marketplace: 160,000+
Total: 2,010,000+

Obviously there are good apps and bad apps. Apps within your industry and apps outside. For our purposes, let’s narrow the space to your top three to five competitors.

Look Good. Be Awesome.

Take a few minutes and check out competitors’ digs – their website, logo, app, etc. Does their design make you curious and hungry for more? Do you feel compelled to download, use, or buy? If yes, the design works. It makes a great impression and inspires you to act. Comparing one brand to another, you can see how design drives (or discourages) engagement.

Meet Hapyn

Design is front and center on everything we do for Hapyn. So we get uber talented designer Katy Garrison and a really awesome logo.

Here, Katy dishes on the design details:

Hapyn custom wordmark

We created a custom wordmark based on the font Brandon Grotesque, tweaking the kerning and adjusting the length of the ascenders and descenders.

Hapyn icon inspiration

Discovery uncovered themes of teamwork, cohesion, process, and organization. The shape of the icon focuses on individuals working together as part of a greater whole.

Hapyn icon design

Hapyn’s unique spelling was the basis for the icon. The three shapes around the “Y” letterform symbolize the three main things Hapyn does: create, manage and archive events and projects.

Hapyn icon colors
The shapes are given appropriate colors and combined into a simple, balanced graphic.
Create: Green – Get started, go
Manage: Orange – Alert, active, energy, attention
Archive: Teal – Freeze, store

Hapyn logo

The finished product is unique, warm, and functional.

The nGen Way

Want to know more about the method behind our madness? Check out The nGen Works Process Wiki.