With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, the nGen Works family of nGeneers and Friendgeneers took a couple minutes to reflect on two things we are each thankful for — one professional and one personal. Beyond each of these, we’d like to thank you, our loyal readers, for your support over the years. You’re amazing.

Alex Rubin
Professional: I’m thankful for people who share their knowledge and talents to make others better. #shareyourknowledge
Personal: I’m so extremely thankful for my family which has grown this year with the addition of my daughter, Emma.

Carl Smith
Professional: I’m thankful for an industry that tries to make the world a better place and calls itself out when it screws up.
Personal: I’m thankful for Florida winters.

Cody Kimberling
Professional: I am thankful to be part of a great team with diverse talents. I am also thankful that I now have a 15-step commute to work.
Personal: I am thankful to be part of a distributed team, which allows me to stay close to friends and family.

Greg Aker
Professional: I’m thankful to work with so many people who make me feel stupid.
Personal: I’m thankful for my wife, dogs, extended family, saxophone, guitar, friends, bourbon and having a hot tub in the winter.

Jen Hyde
Professional: I’m thankful for creatives, Google Hangouts, and the Oxford comma.
Personal: I’m thankful for loved ones who make my world merry and bright.

Jerel Unruh
Professional: I’m thankful for open source software and worldwide collaboration via the Internet.
Personal: Lots of things, especially the people in my life. But I’m also thankful that I happened to buy my own computer when I was a kid (first one in the house) so I could tear it apart and explore it. I’m thankful I stuck with it long enough to discover Linux and programming. Side note: After I had spent an entire day exploring my first computer, my 80-year-old grandma asked me, “Don’t you know everything there is to know about that by now?”

Katy Garrison
Professional: I’m thankful I have had the chance to work on exciting projects with a variety of people this year. My team of coworkers, both locally and remotely, are some of my best buds, making great drinking companions and providing a wealth of inspiration and motivation.
Personal: I’m thankful for my loved ones who make sure I never take myself too seriously and remind me to get off the computer and play.

Kyle Turner
Professional: I am thankful to work with talented people who actually give a damn about making a positive difference.
Personal: I am thankful for my flexible schedule which allows me to embark on new adventures and fulfill my dreams … and my amazing family and friends whom have shaped me into the being I am today. 😉

Lori Averitt
Professional: I’m thankful for the people I work with every day; each brings a skill set to the table that makes nGen Works successful.
Personal: I’m thankful for running … the health to be able to do it and the family that supports and runs with me.

Matt Wallens
Professional: I’m thankful for the flexibility to decide how I do my job each day.
Personal: I’m thankful to live within driving distance of my family, the mountains, the shore, and several casinos.

Matthew Oliphant
Professional: Being able to see stuff that’s wrong and knowing I’m allowed/empowered/expected to go fix it.
Personal: Flexible work schedule allows me to be a part of my daughter’s life.

Robert Jolly
Professional: I’m thankful for having exceptionally talented professionals who are also wonderful people to work with daily on challenging and rewarding digital projects. (Lori, you beat me to it!)
Personal: I’m thankful for my health — allowing me to enjoy life fully, whether it’s Waffle House, riding bikes, or riding bikes to Waffle House. 😉

Russel Quadros
Professional: I’m thankful for all the amazing design and dev resources out there. To be specific, outside of my uber-talented coworkers, CodeAcademy and Treehouse for helping me brush up/catch up on front-end stuff.
Personal: I’m thankful for my local network of creatives that keeps me motivated and inspired.

Samantha LeVan
Professional: I’m thankful for discount usability testing, which allows me to gather research data in a budget and timeline that most clients can handle.
Personal: I’m thankful for a sister who puts up with the Hello Kitty stuff I send her; my husband and daughter, who let me sleep in sometimes; my animals, who always know when I’m sick and try to make me feel better; and my large extended family, which is with me come hell or high water.

Tyler Houle
Professional: I’m thankful for analytics. Without it, marketing would be “just liquor and guessing”. Analytics removes the guessing.
Personal: I’m thankful for NYC food carts, where I can get an entire meal for $5.