One of the things we pride ourselves on at nGen Works is the quality control and testing that we do for everything we build. I’ve always been one who delves into the minutiae, and being a likely end user of what we build, this role is a great fit.


An idea conceived on iChat.

Carl’s new idea: let’s offer quality control and testing as a service to other web shops, front-end and back-end developers, etc. Carl did some asking around and found that this type of service would be viable for many we know in the industry. From there the internal planning, conversations and development began.

Several team members have contributed to its development over the last couple of months:

Introducing QCat

The goal of QCat — pronounced q-kat — is to assist you and your business with one of the pesky steps that is of great importance to the outcome of each project: quality control and testing. We’ll test forms, links and interactions to make sure they work as anticipated, we’ll look for visual consistency, and test to see how everything functions on multiple devices (desktop, mobile), and in a variety of browsers. Now who wouldn’t want help with that?

You can get all the details at If you have any questions before submitting a request, please reach out to us at