We’ve been evolving over the year into a flat organization thriving in a decentralized, distributed team environment, and I wanted to spend a few minutes summarizing how the jellyfish model has been fundamental in getting us there. The shift has taken us from a traditional agency model to a work environment where we form temporary collaborative teams and vet our projects as they come in.

This video highlights the major features of the model.

The JellyFish Model from nGen Works on Vimeo.

Thanks to Russel Q. for the illustrations.


How We Got Here: From a traditional pyramid to a round jellyfish
The Jellyfish Process: An expanding circle of nGeneers, Friendgeneers, and the Army of Awesome
Ambient Accountability: We act differently when we know people are watching and we look forward to it

Stay tuned for more on distributed teams in the coming weeks. We’ve got some exciting things brewing. And if you’re interested, here’s a bit more detail about our ongoing jelly evolution …