Things change fast on the web and it’s hard to know what’s working and what’s not from one day to the next.

When we opened our doors in 2003 we knew quality would be a huge differentiator, so we’ve always invested time and money in growing our expertise in quality assurance. We got so good at it that a few years ago other web shops started asking if we would handle QA on their projects. Being the nice people we are we obliged. In fact, we launched a new service in 2012 to focus exclusively on Quality Control and Testing which we call QCat.

Now we want to help you. If you have a website, we can help. If you build digital projects, we can help. If you run a startup, we can help. And you may not want to admit it, but you need help. It’s not possible for you to keep up with all of the changes across devices, browsers and platforms these days. Changes that can make hundreds of hours of work suddenly not work at all.

Over the years QCat has helped manage the quality of projects for legends of rock like Rush and creators of the most beloved video games in the world like Nintendo. Of course, those are the ones we share to look impressive and worthy of your love. We handle projects of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we just manage content flow or proofreading, and sometimes we assemble a team of quality professionals to ride shotgun throughout a million dollar project.

Whatever you need, QCat is ready to help. Give us a shout!

Better yet, come see us at Owner Summit 2016 this February 8 & 9 in Atlanta. Owner Summit is a two day gathering of digital agency owners where we learn, share and commiserate. In other words, Owner Summit is your support group for 2016 and beyond.

We’ll even make it easy for you to say yes, just use the discount code QCat and you’ll get $100 off the ticket price. See, we’re saving you money already. 😉